Hitting Parked Car

Collisions of all kinds cause problems with a vehicle’s structure. Because of the impact on the vehicles, many of these flaws are usually readily apparent. Rear-end collisions; on the other hand, can have a lot more unspoken consequences that you aren’t aware of. This is why, even if the collision was minor, you should take your automobile to a collision center like Auto Group Collision in Brooklyn. We’ll look at the unspoken consequences of rear-end incidents in this post.

  1. Problems with Vehicle Alignment:

After a rear-end collision, alignment faults might be difficult to detect unless they are carefully examined and checked by a professional expert. Alignment errors, if not rectified, can result in a variety of performance concerns, including trouble steering, staying in your lane, and excessive tire wear.

  1. Problems with Transmission:

The engine transmission absorbs the impact of a rear-end accident, putting a lot of strain on the pieces that make up the transmission. This seems to be particularly true for vehicles with rear-wheel or all-wheel drive, which rely on the transmission system to offer additional performance. Transmission difficulties, like alignment issues, may not be noticeable right away, but with time, you’ll begin to notice transmission problems that can be quite expensive.

  1. Car Body Problems:

While there may not be any visible damage to the car’s exterior, a rear-end collision could have severely damaged the vehicle’s structure. The car’s structure is manufactured to precise specifications, at which point the vehicle is usually conducted and is safe to drive. Whenever a car is rear-ended, the frame’s integrity is damaged, which sets off a series of events that puts other systems in the car at risk. This is why, after an auto collision, you should get your car inspected by a registered auto parts store.

  1. Electrical difficulties:

Electrical cables might be loosened as a result of a rear-end collision. Your brake lights, taillights, battery, and starter may be affected. Because others behind you won’t realize you’re stopping because your lights aren’t working, it could lead to another accident. If your taillights are out, you may be hauled up by the police and issued a ticket. Many times, drivers are unaware that their backlights are malfunctioning until it is too late. You could potentially be stuck if your battery dies. If you discover that your stereo system speakers aren’t operating properly, it’s possible that the cabling has been harmed as well.

  1. Bumper with cracks or dents:

Plastic makes up your bumper, which is the part that gets impacted the hardest in a rear-end crash. It may have a crack, a dent, or be otherwise damaged as a result of a collision. This isn’t just a visual problem. If you don’t get it fixed, the next time you get into a rear-end collision, it won’t be likely to digest the impact as well as it should. Instead, the impact will travel through the whole of your vehicle, potentially injuring the driver and passengers even more.

  1. Your Health and Happiness:

We can’t discuss cars without considering the effects of rear-ends crashes on our bodies. Being pushed forward or backward can cause problems with your bodily structure. Make sure you get checked out by a medical professional. An automobile can be replaced, but we can’t replace you.

How do you cope up with these problems?

Let Auto Group Collision Brooklyn NYC help us get our automobile properly inspected by their team of skilled specialists instead of winging it and praying our automobile doesn’t develop any significant problems following an auto collision. They can not only find and remedy collision concerns, but they can also assist you with insurance claims because they have done it before.

Auto Group Collision is Brooklyn’s Body Shop Experts

Since 2004 Auto Group Collision has been providing the people of Brooklyn and surrounding areas with the highest quality of collision repair and auto body repair service. We established a trusted collision center that takes customer from the initial estimate to the completion of repair to getting you back into your car and in the driver’s seat while working closely with your insurance company.

Dealing with an automobile collision is traumatic enough without having to worry about filing insurance claims.  We know that each insurance company has its own procedures, and we’re here to assist you with the insurance company transactions.  We provide the information they require regarding the collision repairs, as we guide you through the entire process of dealing with all the paperwork.

We accept all insurance estimates and work with all insurance companies.  Auto Body Collision wants you to be a satisfied policy holder, so we’ve established relationships with all the region’s major insurance companies.  Working directly with your insurance company, we’re able to start repairs immediately while also often helping speed up the insurance adjuster’s inspection and approval.

As soon as the work is approved, the parts are ordered. To expedite the work, when parts are received they are put into a bin, which only holds parts for one particular job. This type of care and orderliness insures your vehicle is repaired using only authorized parts.

Auto Body Collision works with your insurance company, estimating damage, handling your claim, and negotiating with the insurance company to make sure your repairs are done properly and swiftly.

Has your car been in a collision or minor fender bender? If your vehicle has received body damage, frame or paint damage, call Auto Group Collision at (718) 449-4616 and see how we can help! Contact us now to for a FREE ESTIMATE!