Aluminum Repair

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Aluminum Repair

At Auto Group Collision, we are proud to offer extraordinary collision repair services. Our ongoing investment in the latest tools and equipment ensures that our certified aluminum repairs exceed industry standards – making us your go-to for all of your auto body needs.

Certified Aluminum Body Repairs

Automakers are taking advantage of the latest weight-saving technology to ensure their vehicles use less fuel and emit fewer pollutants.

Aluminum body panels, particularly for hoods and deck lids, have become a popular solution due to their lightweight yet impact-resistant properties – especially in high-end cars where it’s almost exclusively used.

Due to this aluminum material, drivers can enjoy increased safety as well as improved performance from their vehicles with just one sustainable upgrade.

Working with aluminum and steel presents different challenges that require specialized care, knowledge, and the right equipment; otherwise, your collision repair will suffer. Without proper training of staff and access to reliable tools, you risk getting poor results.

Auto Group Collision is devoted to providing the highest quality aluminum auto body repair. We have invested in a specialized workshop, top-of-the-line welders and tools, as well as proper technician training – all for one purpose: restoring your vehicle back to its pristine condition according to manufacturer standards.

How Aluminum Repair Works

The Auto Group Collision team uses advanced computerized and electronic measuring systems to precisely restore your car’s frame back to its original factory specifications. Attached marker points are scanned, interpreted by the device’s algorithms, and realigned with meticulous accuracy for a guaranteed perfect fit.

After a collision, we go beyond the usual alignment checks to ensure everything is back in proper order.

We check angles like camber and toe as well as caster angle, thrust line angle, and steering axis inclination – all to make sure that your vehicle’s chassis parts have been properly restored after an accident or crash. That way, you can feel confident hitting those inevitable potholes without worrying about further misalignment.

Auto Group Collision understands the intricacies of aluminum repair, equipping their technicians with specific tools and knowledge to reshape your vehicle’s exterior post-accident.

Just as you wouldn’t use a Phillips screwdriver on a flathead screw or vice versa, the skilled staff at Auto Group know how different types of metal require exclusive care – providing precision restoration for aluminum bodies that match pre-damage conditions precisely.

To get the best aluminum repair services from expert technicians, contact us today!


The easiest, hassle free, body shop / autorepair experience I have ever had. Very attentive and knowledgeable staff, very accommodating to my schedule and price was right on point - As most people know nobody really wants to be in the shop with their vehicle but if you have no choice this is the place you want to go. My go to from now on and will recommend to anyone in need of these types of services.

Lenny V.

Facebook Review
The only place I trust with my vehicle!

Alex F.

Facebook Review
EXCELLENT service!!! Auto group collision walked me through the entire process and relieved all the stress and anxiety I was having over the incident. They did an amazing job and I could truly not be any happier! Would recommend 100% best in Brooklyn!

Erica S.

Yelp Review
Amazing service. From setting up towing, to assisting me with the rental, Auto Group Collision made my horrible accident a lot less stressful. Thank you for walking me through everything. Best in the business!!!

Eugene K.

Yelp Review
Hassle free and stress free experience. Came and picked up and dropped off the car. Excellent customer service and communication. Car was repaired quickly and the work was impeccable, came back to me looking brand new. Highly recommend this body shop

Thomas Z.

Google Review
I highly recommend this place. I brought my car in with some bad body damage, they got the work done ahead of schedule and the price was great. The work they did was great everything was perfect and they were very friendly definitely two thumbs up 👍🏻👍🏻

Jonathan D.

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