Car collision repair in Brooklyn and across the world suffered the brunt of COVID 19 pandemic slump. Although most of the body shops in Brooklyn and surround areas were operational during pandemic, most of the body shops waited for the end of lockdown to continue their operations. Post pandemic world has witnessed drastic changes, forcing body shop in Brooklyn and surrounding areas to adapt to new chances. If you are looking for a body shop near me along with insurance claim assistance, you are likely to find a collision repair in Brooklyn operating while following the COVID-19 safety guidelines. Same is the case in Stillwell Avenue and surrounding regions.

Here is a quick look at how body shops in Brooklyn adapted to Coronavirus

Rise in Appointment Trend

All customers for collision repair in Brooklyn shops are required to make an appointment for body shop repair and insurance claim assistance. Appointments have helped the body shop in Brooklyn to manage the customer traffic more efficiently without posing a threat to social distancing guidelines and health. As a customer, you will make an appointment according to your schedule or according to the body shop in Brooklyn’s schedule to get faster services and avoid any inconvenience.

Contactless Body Repair

Personal contact is the major culprit behind the COVID-19 Spread. To curb this COVID-19 issue, collision repair in Brooklyn chain is now offering contactless body repair services. From insurance claim assistance to evaluation of the collision damage and its repair in Brooklyn, everything is shifting towards a more contactless service approach. Customers can schedule pickups and drop offs of their vehicles remotely. The service providers in Stillwell Avenue and Brooklyn can then stay at home while the job undergoes completion.

Complementary Services

Customers and service providers are facing loss of revenue and savings alike. Keeping this situation in mind, the body shop in Brooklyn is now offering complementary services. For instance, the collision repair in Brooklyn services is usually paired with other services like insurance claim assistance, damage assessment, damage repair, detailing and more in a single package.

Personal Safety Rules and Regulations

Face Mask Is Now Compulsory

Teammates and customers are required to wear a facial mask at all times within the service centers. For those who do not want to wear face masks, the body shops are offering curbside drop off and delivery options for the customers’ convenience.

No Hugs, No Handshakes

Physical contact such as handshakes and hugs is completely put off the table. Other forms of greetings are being introduced in the repair centers, some of which are more personalized emails, better customer service during booking and more.

Vehicle Repair Precautions

The “new normal” at the collision repair in Brooklyn requires the customers to remove the personal belongings from their vehicle before the repair job. From wiping and disinfection of the vehicle surfaces prior to pick up and drop off to the use of disposable gloves by teammates working inside the vehicle, all of these practices are helping the body shop in Brooklyn to adapt to the Coronavirus world and COVID-19.

Social Distancing

All of the body repair and insurance claim assistance shops are adhering to the CDC recommendations of social distancing and doing their best to keep six feet apart from each other. Digital payment modes and electronic paperwork methods are also introduced to minimize personal contact as much as possible.

Some other major practices followed by the collision repair shops include

  • Sanitation and disinfection of all surfaces twice a day
  • Teammates washing hands after every interaction
  • Active use of good quality sanitizers by team and customers
  • Collision repair service provider and insurance claim assistance service provider partnerships
  • Team health tracking using tracing apps as well as COVID-19 testing


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