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Since 2004 Auto Group Collision has been providing Electric Vehicle (EV) Repair Brooklyn NY for the people of Brooklyn and surrounding areas with the highest quality of collision repair and auto body repair service. We established a trusted collision center that takes customer from the initial estimate to the completion of repair to getting you back into your car and in the driver’s seat. Our certified shop will get your vehicle repaired properly.

Serving more than 600-700 customers per year, Auto Group Collision is one of the top Electric Vehicle (EV) Repair Brooklyn NY company’s in the area because of its sterling reputation for providing reliable, fast and accurate accident repair. We also work closely with your insurance company along we can perform maintenance, customization of your automobile and even upgrade its appearance.

AUTO GROUP COLLISION – Brooklyn’s #1 Choice For Auto Body & Collision Repair!

Welcome to Auto Group Collision, your premier destination for top-quality auto body repair and collision services in Brooklyn. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our state-of-the-art facility and experienced team, ensures that your vehicle will be in the best hands when you choose us for your auto body needs.

Our Services

At Auto Group Collision, we offer a wide range of services to meet all your automotive repair and restoration needs. Our team of skilled technicians and cutting-edge equipment enable us to provide the following services:

  1. Collision Repair: Accidents can be stressful, but our experts will restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition. From minor dents to major collision damage, we have the skills and equipment to handle it all.
  2. Painting and Refinishing: Our state-of-the-art paint booth and color-matching technology ensure a flawless finish for your vehicle. Whether you need a complete paint job or touch-up work, we’ll make your vehicle look like new.
  3. Frame Straightening: Our precision frame straightening equipment can restore your vehicle’s structural integrity after a collision, ensuring it is safe to drive.
  4. Dent and Scratch Repair: We can eliminate unsightly dents and scratches, restoring your vehicle’s appearance and value.
  5. Auto Detailing: Treat your vehicle to a spa day with our auto detailing services. From interior cleaning to exterior polishing, we’ll make your car shine like never before.
  6. Towing Assistance: In case of an accident or breakdown, our towing service is available 24/7 to get your vehicle to our shop safely.
  7. Hail Damage Repair: If your vehicle has suffered hail damage, we can repair it efficiently, so you don’t have to worry about those dents.

Why Choose Us?

  • Experienced Team: Our technicians have years of experience and are I-CAR certified, ensuring your vehicle receives the highest level of care.
  • State-of-the-Art Facility: Our modern facility is equipped with the latest technology and tools to provide top-notch repairs and refinishing.
  • Quality Assurance: We stand behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring you leave our shop with confidence in the quality of our services.
  • Insurance Assistance: We work with all major insurance companies and can help you navigate the claims process, making it as stress-free as possible.
  • Customer-Focused: We prioritize your satisfaction and will keep you informed throughout the repair process, so you’re always in the loop.

Schedule an Appointment

If your vehicle requires collision repair, painting, or any other auto body services, don’t hesitate to contact Auto Group Collision. We are dedicated to providing you with reliable, efficient, and top-quality services. Schedule an appointment today, and let us get your vehicle back on the road in pristine condition.

Auto Body Painting

Has your vehicle’s paint become scraped and damaged in an accident? Or have years of wear and tear faded its color? The team at Auto Group Collision can make it look like new once again. By using state-of-the-art equipment and products, we can repaint your entire car or truck.  Well done auto paint can make your vehicle stand out in a crowd. Whether you are repairing a collision, refreshing your older car, or just upgrading the looks of your favorite vehicle, we are here to assist with your auto painting needs.

Our Color Matching Process:

The factory finishes of today’s cars incorporate highly specialized paints in multiple layers.  At Auto Group Collision, we ensure that our paint system is always up-to-date so that each vehicle’s paint will match perfectly.  This is the final step in the process of restoration, and we take enormous pride in matching the factory finish.

We do more than just paint your auto with the original color. Over time, the paint color may fade some so the OEM colors will no longer create an exact match. With more than 800,000 color formulas in the database, Our paint shop pros in most cases will need to custom color match your car. Paint repairs are expertly blended and look like the rest of your automobile when looking for a trust expert in Electric Vehicle (EV) Repair Brooklyn NY.


Frame Repair, Replacement & Alignment

We can provide you with a replacement of the frame, or we can repair it, depending upon the nature of the damage.  For major collisions, the frame of your vehicle has been crunched and rendered the car un-drivable.  For modern vehicles, frames are designed to crunch and collapse, while the passenger compartment remains intact, so that the force of the impact on you is reduced during a collision.  More rigid material would cause you to experience the collision’s full force.

At Auto Group Collision, we have the Frame Machines that provide the hydraulics and torque needed to restore the damaged frame, straightening it back to original factory specifications.

How Car Frame Repair & Alignment Works:

Computerized electronic measuring devices are attached to marker points around your car’s frame. The computer reads these measurements and compares them to the original factory specifications. Auto Group Collision trained technicians are then able to restore the frame with precision.

During a collision alignment, we check rear camber, rear toe, front caster, camber and toe as well as the thrust angle, steering axis inclination and included angle. The reason for this is that the potential change to alignment resulting from a collision is greater than that which results from a few pothole whacks throughout the year. Accordingly, these additional angles that are checked in a collision alignment are meant to verify that the chassis parts as well as the unibody or frame are all in correct alignment which is important when considering Electric Vehicle (EV) Repair Brooklyn NY.

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

Auto Group Collision is Brooklyns Paintless Dent Repair Experts!

Auto Body Collision proudly offers Paintless Dent Repair (also known as Paintless Dent Removal, or PDR).  It’s a great alternative to the traditional way of removing dents, which involves sandpaper and adding body filler or paint to try to match the existing color.  PDR has lots of advantages, not the least of which is saving time and money.  Among its advantages are:

  • Savings in time and money – often repairs are complete in just one day
  • Insurance approves it
  • It’s the best way to retain your vehicle’s original finish
  • Doesn’t require repainting or body filler
  • No risk of overspray
  • The repair is virtually undetectable
  • It can dramatically improve the resale value of your car

PDR, however, is a skill and an art.  Fortunately, we have a team of trained dent-removal specialists in PDR for your vehicle.  The process requires specialized tools for applying pressure to the backside of the panel.  This removes surface imperfections.  We also can repair dents and dings by bonding a “tab” or other device to the panel’s exterior, allowing the dent to be pulled from the topside.

The most common dents fixed are the size of a golf ball and under. About 95% of minor dents can be repaired, leaving about 5% of minor dents that can’t be fixed due to depth or location. Areas such as some quarter panel opening lips, some forward areas of heavily braced hoods, or the very edges of some panels are examples of bad locations.

We’ll assess your car’s dents, inspecting the size, location and severity of the damage when considering Electric Vehicle (EV) Repair Brooklyn NY.  If we determine that the dents are reparable with PDR, we’ll give you a written estimate.  Often dents and dings even as large as the size of a football can be removed with our PDR process.

24/7 Insurance Claims Assistance

Auto Group Collisions Team Of Insurance Experts Are Here To Help!

Since 2004 Auto Group Collision has been providing the people of Brooklyn and surrounding areas with the highest quality of collision repair and auto body repair service. We established a trusted collision center that takes customer from the initial estimate to the completion of repair to getting you back into your car and in the driver’s seat while working closely with your insurance company.

Dealing with an automobile collision is traumatic enough without having to worry about filing insurance claims.  We know that each insurance company has its own procedures, and we’re here to assist you with the insurance company transactions.  We provide the information they require regarding the collision repairs, as we guide you through the entire process of dealing with all the paperwork.

We accept all insurance estimates and work with all insurance companies.  Auto Body Collision wants you to be a satisfied policy holder, so we’ve established relationships with all the region’s major insurance companies.  Working directly with your insurance company, we’re able to start repairs immediately while also often helping speed up the insurance adjuster’s inspection and approval.

As soon as the work is approved, the parts are ordered. To expedite the work, when parts are received they are put into a bin, which only holds parts for one particular job. This type of care and orderliness insures your vehicle is repaired using only authorized parts.

Auto Body Collision works with your insurance company, estimating damage, handling your claim, and negotiating with the insurance company to make sure your repairs are done properly and swiftly as the locally trusted experts of Electric Vehicle (EV) Repair Brooklyn NY.

Has your car been in a collision or minor fender bender? If your vehicle has received body damageframe or paint damage, call Auto Group Collision at (718) 449-4616 and see how we can help! Contact us now to for a FREE ESTIMATE!


There will be damage to the vehicle following an accident. You can cause extra automobile difficulties after driving a car in an accident. In some situations, the car may be irreparably destroyed. Your car is a dangerous vehicle if it hasn’t been properly inspected. Moreover, being involved in an auto accident may be an extremely stressful experience for everyone involved, especially if your vehicle is damaged. Even if no one is hurt, many people are concerned about whether their vehicle is useable or whether a towing service will be required following a car accident. When thinking about the safety of your car or looking for locally trusted Electric Vehicle (EV) Repair Brooklyn NY, it’s crucial to think about the circumstances and everyone involved. Before you go behind the wheel of your car again, think about these five things:

  1. Your Safety and Health:

Make sure you’re in good enough shape to safely operate the vehicle. Accidents are stressful and can hurt your health. Some people are unharmed, but others may experience shock, which could impair their driving. Try to ensure you’re cleared to drive after being checked by the EMS responders on the site.

  1. Windshield Cracked:

The most critical factor to consider is whether or not you can see behind the wheel. Don’t drive if your window is badly cracked and you can’t see through it. It’s critical to be able to observe other motorists on the road. A damaged windshield can distort your view, making it harder to detect pedestrians, bicycles, and other road users.

  1. Are your headlights functioning properly?

It’s critical to check and ensure that your headlights, taillights, and signal lights are all operational. You can be cited in Oklahoma for not having working lights because not having them puts you and other vehicles at hazard.

  1. Leakage of liquid:

Examine to see if any fluids are leaking from your vehicle. Leakage fluid from a car is risky since it can ignite a fire while you’re driving, which could result in some other collision. Fluid leaks can also indicate that a major automobile system is going to run out of the components it requires to work properly.

  1. Are your wheels in the right place?

After a collision, it’s critical to double-check that your wheels are properly aligned. However, keep in mind that if your wheels are out of alignment, the car may pull to one side, increasing your chances of veering into another lane of traffic. Before you can drive your vehicle anyplace, you must have your wheels correctly aligned.

  1. Is it possible to buckle and lock your hood?

After the accident, check your car’s hood to make sure the power button isn’t broken. If your hood is broken, atmospheric pressure will build-up, allowing the hood to unexpectedly spring up while driving. When your hood pops open while you’re driving, your view is completely impeded, and you’re nearly certain to have an accident.

In sum, when you are struck by a car and are unsure whether or not you should drive your vehicle until it has been fixed, have it brought to a body shop. It is more vital for your safety and the safety of other drivers than for you to drive your automobile anywhere. Usually, insurance companies will pay for the tow, and if the collision was committed by the other driver, their insurance would be responsible for paying the charge. If you choose to drive and your car is damaged, and you are involved in another accident as a result of those damages, you may lose your right to have your vehicle repaired by your insurance provider. Moreover, come see Auto Group Collision if you’re in the New York City metro area.

An Auto Body Shop is a shop that caters to the outer parts of a car specifically the outer body and structure of the car. As the name implies, an auto body shop only focuses on the outer shell of a vehicle. These are the superficial of the vehicle, and they can be found on or as the body of the vehicle. Auto body shops offer services such as paintwork repairs, frame repairs, scratches, dents, and scuffs. These are incidents that may occur as a result of an accident or the aging of a vehicle. An auto body shop can also repair the body of a vehicle damaged by a collision accident. An auto body shop will also offer paintless dent repair or paintless dent removal services. We will be explaining these services in a moment.

Auto Group Collision is proud to be Brooklyn, New York’s locally trusted an locally recommended Auto Body Shop. At AGC we are proud to be I-Car Gold Certified and a direct repair facility for many major car insurance companies and business fleet services. We take great price in our customers opinions and carry a 5-Star Ranking on Google.

Common Services in Auto Body Shops

Earlier on, we briefly mentioned a few services offered in auto body shops. Now, we’ll be discussing the services offered in auto body shops, so you know what to expect before visiting a Body Shop Brooklyn NY.

  1.  Dent Removal – Dents can happen at any time and anywhere. You don’t even need to be in a collision to get a few car dents. You can get car dents by hitting the door against a wall or a pole, hitting a solid object against the body of the vehicle. Even a soccer ball can’t dent a vehicle if there’s enough force behind it. Dents can also be sustained through heavy rainfalls. This is actually one of the common ways to acquire dents. Rainfall can cause dents and ruin the paint job of a vehicle.

Brooklyn NY, has humid weather, so rainfall dents can be quite common. Auto Body Shops in Brooklyn NY, offer dent removal services. If you’re worried about the price, this is one of the cheapest services offered at Body Shop Brooklyn NY.

  1. Collision Repair – Collisions occur when there is a direct impact on your vehicle. Collision repairs are important because they increase the longevity of your vehicle. Collision repair is essential to the health of your vehicle, and if you have insurance, the cost of repair may be covered. Your vehicle may sustain minor or major damages. If they are minor, you should make sure those damages will not reduce the working quality of your vehicle, and if it does, you should visit a Body Shop Brooklyn NY, to get it fixed.
  2. Painting – If your car has gotten a few dents or has been through a collision, you will most likely need a paint job. Dents greatly impact the exterior of the car by not only peeling the protective layer of paint but by exposing the vehicle to rust. Without the layer of paint, your vehicle can begin to rust, and this will compromise the frame of your vehicle.
  3. Frame and Window Repair – Auto Body Shops also offer frame and window repairs. In most states, you are not allowed to drive with a cracked windshield. Frame repairs often include alignment. Poor alignment means your vehicle could be shaky or leaning to a side when it shouldn’t be.
  4. Car Detailing – If you’ve ever sold a car or tried to sell a car before, you know the benefits of car detailing. Car detailing can increase the worth of a car. Car detailing involves cleaning and performing operations that can keep a vehicle in the best possible shape. This involves reconditioning of the interior as well as exteriors. Car detailing in an auto body shop is one of the few services that do not improve the immediate health of the car but rather the worth and value of the car.

Brooklyn Auto Body Insurance Claims Assistance

Let’s say that you decided not to have that minor front bumper damage repaired to save a few bucks, and the absorbers and/or bumper bar were weakened without your knowledge.  Later, you’re involved in another front-end accident, resulting in serious damage to the engine compartment.  An insurance adjuster could potentially inspect the vehicle and notice the old bumper damage. They may then determine that the previous damage structurally compromised the bumper’s integrity, allowing the force of the most recent crash to cause more-extensive and “unnecessary” repairs.  In a worst-case scenario, your insurance company has the right to decline your claim altogether, and then you’ll be forced to pay out-of-pocket for all the repairs.

Has your car been in a collision or minor fender bender? If your vehicle has received body, frame or paint damage, call Auto Group Collision at (718) 449-4616 and see how we can help! Contact us now to for a FREE ESTIMATE!